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Events in Eksjö

Here you will be able to read about Eksjö’s events!

Eksjö Julmarknad

The country’s most atmospheric Christmas market traditionally takes place in the middle of the unique wooden town of Eksjö. Here you are transported to a market day 100 years ago

Welcome to the Eksjö Christmas market on 3–4 December 2022

Foto: Johan Lindqvist
Foto: Kalle Lundstedt


The Ränneslättsloppet is one of Sweden’s largest enduro competitions and is always run in the autumn and then at the Eksjö garrison training field Ränneslätt.

Sjöloppet/ Swimrun

Swimrun in the nature of Småland with 25 sections in very varied terrain from the old town in Eksjö through magical forest environments with passage in 9 different lakes.

Welcome to Swimrun in Eksjö, 2024-06-15.

Foto: Privat
Foto: Jessica Johansson

Eksjö Tattoo

“International tones with military insignia”

This is how Eksjö International Tattoo can be described purely musically. But the experience is bigger than that. A pompous, colorful and spectacular show in the heart of the wooden city of Eksjö. The special feature of Eksjö International Tattoo is that it is located in the middle of the city with the arena surrounded by the houses dating back to the 16th century, the church, the city hotel and the proud equestrian statue as part of the scenery. This is an environment that inspires both action and audience.

The next tattoo is planned to take place in July 2024!